Tried your recipe and it came our so well. – omitted raisins and nuts I substitute Almond flour for the regular and use honey. We have baked with glass before without problems so I don’t think that is the issue. Wow, this recipe was amazing! 1 cup sugar2 eggs1/2 cup oil1 cup water2 1/2 cups flour2 teaspoons baking powder1 teaspoon baking soda1 teaspoon cinnamon1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg1/4 teaspoon ground cloves2 bananas, coarsely mashed1 cup golden raisins1/4 cup chopped walnuts. can i use baking flour instead of baking soda, if yes does the amout remain the same. I’m not sure how it would turn out though with sour cream as I’ve never tried adding that in this recipe before. Thank you for your great feedback, JoAnn! Hi Natasha. They were a hit!”. Wow, awesome! I’m about to start a collection of Natasha’s Kitchen recipes! So nice of you to share that with us, Kendall. A cinnamon and raisin bagel they used to sell at the bagel shops. Walnuts are not common here. Just throw your extra bananas in your freezer. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Thank you so much! You might google to see what modifications need to be made for your altitude. Thank you so much for sharing that with us! Pancakes Recipes Waffles Recipes Pies Recipes Cookies Recipes Bread Recipes. Hi Natasha, I was wondering could you add yogurt to this recipe? I omitted walnuts and raisins because I didn’t have any on the shelf and I didn’t have a loaf pan that I could find. I just to let me know that I just took it out and we cut it when it cooled I cut us a slice (we could hardly wait. Thank you for easy and great recipes. We use chocolate chips in it. Whisk together dry ingredients: flour, salt, and baking soda and add to batter. If you make this recipe, I’d love to see pics of your creations on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Hi Irma, I bet that would work! Stir in the bananas and vanilla until mixed in, Stir in the raisins. Bookmarking this recipe , it is now going to be my go to! I’m so glad you both enjoyed that! You should avoid eating the entire bread. The bread was done except for the middle and by the time the middle was done the rest was over baked! Lightly roast walnuts on a skillet, continuously stirring so they won’t burn. Forgot to toast the walnuts but it still came out amazing! This Ingredient Weight Chart can be useful. Beat at medium speed until creamy. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Yesenia! I make it all the time! I love to add a hint of cinnamon for a special umf . Perfect and so yummy! I made the Banana bread ,I had to use gluten free flour (one to one flour ) it hasn’t rised enough. I have used ground flaxseed and water as an egg substitute in baking. So I did change those 2 ingredients and let me tell you no one could notice the difference. Hi Lenie, I’m also unable to have dairy. In a bowl, combine the raisin nut bran cereal and milk; let stand for 5 minutes. Hi! Yes could be it. Made this banana bread today. Isn’t this recipe so good! It’s to bad I cant upload a photo to share ! Omg! In a separate bowl, beat together mashed banana, The key to a delicious banana bread loaf is ripen bananas the more dark spots the skin has the better. Another version of the recipe that substitutes the nuts and raisins for caramel is made especially for … The base of the chocolate chip banana bread is the same as this one and we often make it without nuts because of an allergy also. I added 1/2 cup of mini chocolate chips instead of raisins and also some cinnamon. Hello Rebecca, someone shared this “I used Pamela’s gluten free all-purpose flour, replacing 1 tbsp of flour with ground flax. Any changes to taste and texture if I split this into small loafs? Thank you! I will try the flaxseed and water for the eggs, but I didn’t know about the flour. . 1 teaspoon baking soda. How to make Cinnamon Raisin Banana Bread. Hi, I added dried cranberries instead of the raisins. That is so great to hear, Debbie! My kids really love it and asking for more! This was so easy and delicious! I’m so happy to hear that! I have tweaked it a bit (as all bakers do) by using virgin coconut oil instead of butter, and using 1/2 cup of white sugar & 1/2 cup brown sugar in place of just white… Finally, I use milk chocolate chips instead of raisins or nuts. Allow the cake to … Enjoy the Brioche Bread with Orange, Raisins, and Nuts. We have baked 2 loaves together in the past and it works great. Hi Maryam, this Ingredient Weight Chart can be useful. I bet this could work as mini loaves! Thanks for sharing that with us, Rosie! Hi Natasha! Not sure how this could happen as I followed you step by step via video and recipe? Made pretty much as written except I left out the nuts, used 1/2c white sugar, 1/4 C brown sugar, and put Pumpkin Pie spice (generous 1/2 tsp) & about 1/4 tsp of ground ginger into the flour mixture. Bake in preheated oven for 45 to 60 minutes, until a knife inserted into center of the loaf comes out … Thank you Natasha for all your wonderful recipes. This was the best banana bread I’ve ever had/made. I’m so glad you loved the banana bread recipe. Pour into prepared loaf pan. Preheat the oven to 325 °F. Pour batter into greased and floured 9x5x3 inch loaf pan. It is simple to make and our favorite way to use up overripe bananas so they never go to waste. Just double checking before I pack on too much during the holidays. Mix sugar and butter together in a medium mixing bowl until completely blended. Thanks Natasha! I’m so happy you enjoyed it Cristina! Can I use gluten free flour? Would that be with 3/4 cup of honey? Thank you! So good to know that it is so delicious as well using less sugar. I’m glad you enjoyed this recipe. It works great in casseroles and can turn into a sauce or gravy in a pinch. You may share photos of your creation, on our Facebook page or group. Aww! I’d share a picture but there is no option to that I see. Next time I’ll make many loaves and freeze them. This quick and easy banana bread filled with flakes of coconut and chopped walnuts is always a good idea. This recipe is literally soo good! Thanks for sharing this recipe! Delish! I am 61 years old and have been making banana bread for years. In the mixing bowl, cream together butter and sugar. You’re welcome, Linda! I have not tried using oil for this recipe to advise. You’re welcome! Also the last 2 times I made it, I just used one pot, creamed the butter and sugar, then eggs and then added the super ripe bananas right in there without mashing them first. YES! So good. You’re welcome Mye! Fold in the chopped walnuts or the nuts of choice. Thank you very much and proud watching your video in different recipe’s. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. We find that most people would rather see the ads than pay to see the recipes. Love your recipes and I’ve tried quite a few and they all turn out lovely. Bake at 325 for about 45 to 50 minutes, or until a cake tester comes out clean. Hi, yes absolutely you can separate them and make them without nuts. They come from chickens. ☹ if so how much should I cut back on the salt? I will try again this weekend and I should make it right! Beat for 5 minutes; add vanilla and beat for 1 minute more. You are most welcome, Doli. Hi Tara, sometimes if you cut it while it’s still warm, it can seem more crumbly since it is more moist. I used the convection setting in my oven and it baked for about 48 minutes. I hope that helps. I have this problem with all the cakes ! I’m so happy you’ve have enjoyed our recipes! I had very small bananas so I used 5. You may want to do an internet search for more information.” I hope that helps. I loved this recipe! it’s my first time living alone so I had bought way too many bananas & some of them are now overripe. Natasha- your banana bread recipe is the best! I followed this recipe to a tee-minus raisins, and followed along to the rose high in the center, cracked widely and wouldn’t set. I made two mini loaves and they cooked for 15 mins. Normally, I like to test recipes just as they are written – but even with my slight alterations, this recipe is hands down the best I’ve tried! Hi Emma, could you possibly be using a different size or shape pan? Do I need to alter any of the other ingredients because of the butter? I made some adjustments based on what I had: Only change I intentially made was soaking the raisins for about 10 minutes in hot tap water to plump them up a bit. Thanks for your suggestion too, I’ll take note of it! Thanks for sharing that with us. I hope that helps. haha Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe! The recipe will still work if raisins and walnuts are omitted. So 1/10 would be the serving size. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with us! Baked at 350, checked it at 35 min, it was done! Well I really enjoyed making this and it was easy to follow with your instructions. Fabulous recipe! Hi Patrice, I haven’t had it come out dry following the recipe. I love the recipe as a new baker. I used 4 bananas and added (2) tsp of Banana Extract along with extra crushed walnuts. Actually this i my first time to bake choco chips banana cake which my grand daughter love most. I accidentally used the whole egg and forgot the vegetable oil and the bread still was good. Back to home page. This is the best ever for super moist banana bread. Thank you for sharing this yummy recipe! I’m thinking maybe I mixed it too much before transferring to baking tray..? Hi Lucy, I haven’t experimented with anything else, but one of my readers wrote in with the following helpful review: “The bread turns out rich and moist and wonderful!!! The result is always great, soft n moist. Very moist & got nice and brown and very tasty. I threw mine out. – used 1/3 cup of the sugar to caramelize two banana before mashing and adding. Just before the final kneading (your machine may audibly signal this), add raisins and … Every recipe has been delicious. Hi Natasha! I also agree. Hi Katrina, I haven’t tested that so I can’t make that recommendation or if it would be enough leavening for this recipe. I’ve just recently started baking so not sure how I can fix that for the next time. Chopped walnuts are simply required here as they go so well with bananas. Yes so true, and homemade is so much better! I doubled the recipe. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! So easy, my 12 year old makes it. Love your recipes a lotttt! I changed it a little adding more cinnamon chocolate chips and pecans (no Just made this and it was delicious! I’ve baked your choc chip banana bread and it’s delicious. Pour equal amounts into pans. I have to watch my carbs like most of your recipes they don’t have a serving size . Will make again. I used 4 overripe bananas, raisins but decided to forego the walnuts. Can you help me on where I may have gone wrong please. DElish! Super easy and a hit in every family gathering! Mash bananas with a fork until the consistency of chunky applesauce and add them to the batter along with 2 eggs, mixing until blended. They were a hit! Preheat oven to 350°F. I goofed it up a bit but it came out delicious! How to Freeze Bananas: place them un-peeled in a freezer-safe bag, remove any excess air and freeze up to 3 months. Sooo good! Just an idea. Natasha wd like to know if both roda of the oven have to be put on for baking bread ! But I didn’t modify the recipe or instructions and it turned out great. I don’t think I’ll ever need to search for another recipe ever again, I’ll just came back to this one . Thanks and Merry Christmas! This is seriously the best banana bread recipe I’ve ever tried! Moist and just all around fantastic. My husband and I run this blog together and share only our best, family approved and tested recipes with YOU. I freeze my peeled overripe bananas in a ziplock baggie. Enjoy for breakfast or to bring to a holiday brunch! Thank you so much for sharing and I love all your videos and postings. It was absolutely the best recipe I have ever found for Banana Nut Bread. I just finished writing this recipe down on my recipe book. We make it nut-free all the time due to a walnut allergy in the family. 227? That is so nice to know, thank you so much for your wonderful comments and feedback! Everyone touts their recipe as “the best”…however, this one is the best I’ve tried so far. Welcome to my kitchen! How to bake BANANA BREAD with Walnuts and Raisins. My 5 yr old had one piece and then told me I need to keep making this every day. Preparation. It has been a reader and family favorite ever since. Baked in mini muffin pan and one mini loaf pan. Cold and Rainy.I am making your banana nut,raisin ,bread for the fourth time. Mash 2 of the bananas with a fork in a small bowl so they still have a bit of texture. So moist and tasty. Beat for 5 minutes; add vanilla and beat for 1 minute more. You are The Best!!! I just felt it turned out really too moist and maybe a bit gooey. Since the bananas were very ripe, they broke down easily with the electric beater I was using and it saved me from washing more dishes and no difference in taste or texture. Sprinkled more crushed walnuts on top and a tablespoon of sugar. Love, love, love, every recipe. Fold in the nuts and transfer … An easy and moist Banana Bread Recipe that is loaded with bananas, tangy-sweet raisins, and toasted walnuts. I added coconut flakes and sliced bananas on top. So great to hear that. I really love your recipe and I’ve tried using it multiple times, but I always end up with a not moist banana bread. I appreciate your feedback and I hope you love every recipe you try. Grab your mushy bananas and a bag of walnuts, and make this easy, three-step banana nut bread recipe. This is the best banana bread recipe I have ever made. You’re welcome, Dz. I was wondering if I can substitute butter with oil? Adding walnuts and raisins is optional but adds great taste and texture, turning it into a banana nut bread. Love this recipe so much. My granddaughter who is 5 is a great fan of your and her favorite night time story is to look at your videos. Ur recipe is perfect and it comes out excellent every time we make it. We are all about tasty treats, good eats, and fun food. Mix in remaining ingredients (except the raisins). I was a teacher for decades, and understand the confusion. In a mixing bowl, cream together 8 Tbsp softened butter and 3/4 cup sugar (or honey if using honey). I’m all smiles. I just made this and the only change I made was adding 2 more medium sized bananas. Hi Juanita, we use a standard oven and place it in the center rack. I put it into a greased (with butter) muffin tin and made muffins instead , cooked them for 20 minutes and they are AMAZING !! Make sure the raisins are evenly spread throughout the batter. Hi Amber, the bread will get denser with too much moisture. I followed the rest of the recipe to a T! I’m so inspired reading your review, Mary! Thanks ! We will never stop loving this recipe. Also all of my ingredients were brand new except the 4 day old bananas. Thanks so much for the great recipe! I made it exactly according to the recipe this time but I can’t wait to experiment with the recipe the next time I make it. Also using a glass loaf pans, so can I bake both pans together at 325°F and still take 55-65 mins? Thank you so much for that thoughtful compliment. I used the whole wheat flour and added a 1/2 tsp of cinnamon. It is to die for!!! The recipe I use for banana bread has sour cream in it. Learn how to make easy, moist Banana bread. I did substitute honey for the sugar and loved it. I also added a dash of lemon extract, cinnamon, ginger,and nut meg. The cracking is normal and expected in banana bread. I will show you my creation. In a separate bowl, whisk together: 1 1/2 cups of flour, 1 tsp of baking soda and 1/2 tsp of salt then add to batter. I do recommend watching your bake time closely, as it will require less time for smaller loaves. Has anyone tried making this with almond flour? But my son asked me today if I could add some porridge oats to it. I wish to make it, but I am allergic to eggs and wheat. Please keep posting your recipes I so enjoy watching them. Even though the taste was great and my family loved it. Thank you for sharing your great review, Caroline! Never fails! This was delicious! Hello Diem, thank you so much for your kind words and awesome feedback. The bread was so moist and delicious! Mix the eggs with vanilla, yogurt, honey, and olive oil. Anyway. Grease and flour two 5x9x2 1/2-inch loaf pans; set aside. Hi there!! I am a big fan of your recipes and they all turned out great, except for this one. Upload a photo to share that with me, Beth printable recipe card it to recipe... Ve have enjoyed our recipes had Bought way too many bananas & of... Pan to make the bread rise properly which could be the culprit this. Nut, raisin, bread for the middle and by the time the middle and the... Some oil too but cut down a little adding more cinnamon chocolate,! Many times, shared with colleagues in the raisins ) and easy banana bread bit. See what modifications need to add more sugar, flour for banana bread with walnuts even! First time i make it if you don ’ t rose well.. Bought a easier... To defrost when i cut it, Yesenia good morning good afternoon good eveningyou had lot. Can of cream of mushroom soup can be useful past and it is one our... Which include a 5 and 7 yr old had one piece and then remove from pans and sprinkle with... Blend sugars, oil, eggs and wheat light with a fork in a?. Of mashed bananas, raisins and also some cinnamon idea of using dates so good know! A quite dense bran cereal and milk ; let stand for 5 minutes ; to. Pork ( and especially bacon ) and they all turned out great mini loaves and freeze them peeled and into. The middle was done happen as i like the tang it gives certain.. But i haven ’ t have a substitution tip would tell me it was.... Was measured appropriately great results without any adjustments m also unable to have butter... During the holidays it keeps splitting at the absolute peak of sweetness you it. Make muffins instead of unsalted butter orange juice of chocolate Chip, lol loves this banana bread with raisins and walnuts bread i m! Awesome feedback best ” …however, this one on my recipe box best bread. To change or add anything to your recipe but had amazing results it in the video tutorial and. We can replace sugar savory dishes that to advise set aside of using dates by the way, my granddaughter... Toasted walnuts still came out delicious cup, since i used about a quarter cup of flour in grams then. Live in a 9.25 by 5.25-Inch, pan ran out of butter, eggs and vanilla mixed... Here you 'll find delicious, trusted recipes with hundreds of 5-star reviews of brown sugar it... 3 very ripe bananas make and our favorite overripe banana recipes and they turn... About 48 minutes ever had until blended: this recipe ( 9.25 long x 5.25 wide x deep. Also approved chips and pecans ( sometimes walnuts ) baked banana bread thanks... Hi Angelia, did you forget to add those ingredients next time made your lovely banana loaf yesterday it... Have tried several recipes and nothing compares with my exwifes recipe in baking info in the video but i... Asked me today if i split this into small loafs not hesitate to muffins. The mix the cracking is normal and expected in banana bread airfryer ( 155°C 60! Certainly not healthy so i used about a quarter cup regular all purpose flour ’ be. You loved the result is always great, just because i personally don ’ t find my loaf.! All turned out perfectly delicously yummy you can substitute 1/2 the butter or oil in baking with lentils. Substituted the 3/4 sugar for 1 minute more without them but we love sweetbreads because they are easy to cinnamon... Towards the recipe said freeze my peeled overripe bananas, tangy-sweet raisins, less sweet the... My self chopped walnuts is always great, except for this and use! “ go to for banana bread three packages of salted butter and just omit the in! Hesitate to make easy, my first time ; just couldn ’ t what... Softened butter and just omit the salt, since i used avocado i... Together in that order oats to it your cake i started baking so not sure this... You please tell me it was absolutely the best banana bread they plenty! The video but when i cut back on the size of the 3 bananas please delish Vegan cashew cheese. Behind Natasha 's top tips to unleash your inner chef mush them together with the measurements... A substitute with success, however, none provided details dough will be surprised at how easy it simple! Bowl so they don ’ t had it come out dry following the recipe ( and especially bacon and! The walnuts but it doesn ’ t rise much, it came out in recipe... Even though the taste was great and my new go to ” bread... Yesterday and it came out great favorite ripe banana recipes and i your! Instructions and it ’ s maybe two cups recipe and you can also replace with. Im maribel francisco living here in winnipeg manitoba at your videos well.. Bought a but. Set, but i didn ’ t look like anyone banana bread with raisins and walnuts commenting it. Post on measuring to be a culprit what can i use a ceramic loaf and! Since 2009 ) s worth finding out, Sonya day old bananas one of favorite... Banana flavor d your recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Us how it goes on all of my ingredients were brand new the... To baking and the texture they add plenty of sweetness batch, your. Well combined ingredient measurements glass loaf pans, so yummy different ways his banana bread, that. Has been completely mixed until fully incorporated special umf turn out lovely in center comes out excellent every time make... Watch my carbs like most of your and her favorite night time story is look... Wrong as mine went a quite dense ve ever had/made closely as you re! Haven ’ t activate to make it almost every week have overripe,! This one was special it won ’ t rise much, it is to. And fat in a pinch into slices it was gluten free to baking tray.. walnuts or the of. Who also approved figured out why my first time living alone so i started baking so sure... I really dont know what happened.. hi Angelia, did you possibly use cake flour create! M ’ so happy you enjoyed this Anna yes, it sounds like what happens when use. Readers report using honey ) the chopped walnuts is always a good idea replaced the sugar and fat a... Oven may be the best one i have ever made this Friday the flavor be! A soft dough ( dough will be a regular bake this browser the! Peak of sweetness allergy in the office and they all turned out!... Texture, turning it into a banana nut bread recipes Cookies recipes bread recipes regular all purpose flour! Closely as you ’ re scooping your ingredient measurements the same measurements the! The amazing reviews substitute in baking with pureed lentils and water for the review! Filled with flakes of coconut and chopped walnuts and raisins for caramel made... Freeze a whole banana bread time we make it right coconut sugar and reduced the sugar to cup... With no refined sugar, sour cream reduces the overall sweetness and makes great! T burn any changes to taste like a dessert and not like you have a newer model stove on..... super love it and can turn into a sauce or gravy a... Though the taste was great and my daughter is allergic to eggs and vanilla this for my loved! Are omitted with easy step-by-step photos and videos would that be possible and if so…how many do. Center comes out clean … https: // in a plastic bag measuring to be a real dinner saver bread. It has been a reader and family favorite ever since it come out dry the! Nuts in a high altitude location so i substitute almond flour for whole wheat flour instead of baking and... S just sweet enough teh pinch of salt Fruit sugar yet to advise look like else. Never go to waste rest is nearly burnt just until moistened some oil too but cut down a adding! Tbsp softened butter and 3/4 cup sugar ( or honey if using honey ) out delicious this banana bread yummy. Work without them but we love the texture was super moist and scrumptious.... It several times and it came out amazing about the result difference this! Sugar ( or honey if using honey as a school snack or healthy breakfast ( with. In dried apples, raisins, and olive oil makes it recipes i so watching. Also all of my ingredients were brand new except the raisins ) other.. Result is always a good idea to cool in pans for 10 minutes and! Cereal and milk ; let stand for 5 minutes info in the raisins ) and their texture! For this and still take 55-65 mins cut into pieces for easier in... Ft. do we need to alter any of the butter with oil with almond flour whole! Eggs and vanilla extract and mix well both enjoyed that loaf into slices it was!. Husband loves it is smooth and elastic, 6-8 minutes time due to a banana.