Mmmm, Tammie, I’d never thought of lining the crust with sliced bananas. Hello, and welcome to our blog! I’m so happy you’re here. This is a winner!!! You can find links to both my crust recipe and the pie filling in the printable recipe card toward the bottom of this post. You can get creative with the crust, as well, especially if you'd rather have a fully no bake option. If you want a baked crust, making the crust is so simple and easy and requires just a few minutes of bake time. Gently fold in the whipped cream. Hmmm, Millisa, I’ll see about adding a save button. While the pie crust does require bake time, the rest of this recipe is no bake. Mmmm, Sue, it would be absolutely delicious with a graham cracker crust. You can click here –>> for the full pecan crust recipe. a few drops of vanilla flavour Continue as u directed but Use Cool Whip. No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe. 3 I’m so happy I was able to bring your family this little bit of happiness. I miss her so much cause like everyone always says about their mom, well, except my husband, he loved my mother’s cooking over his any day, but they all say she was the best cook ever. I think I might remember my mom sprinkling pecans on top of her cherry delight too. Whip up a dreamy no bake blueberry dessert, aka blueberry yum yum, with cream cheese, Dream Whip, blueberry pie filling, and a pecan crust. This no bake blueberry cheesecake looks a little fancy, because I made it in a pretty tart pan (I LOVE pretty tart pans – they make easy desserts look so impressive!). A delicious no bake cheesecake recipe perfect for summer, this No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake is creamy, sweet and tart and the perfect option for a BBQ or easy summer dessert. Walnuts would be wonderful. Bright and creamy No-Bake Lemon Blueberry Icebox Cake, a cool summer sensation with only 9 ingredients! Yield: 3 Cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk make for a creamy filling, which can be … Whip the cream. If you love this creamy blueberry delight recipe as much as I do, please write a 5 star review, and help me share the recipe on Facebook and Pinterest! 30 g powdered sugar This is a lot of why I do what I do because I love connecting food with memories and with people we love. ","position":5,"name":"Top with a layer of berry sauce, fresh...","url":"https:\/\/\/no-bake-blueberry-dessert\/#mv_create_185_5"},{"@type":"HowToStep","text":"Refrigerate the dessert for half an hour before serving. I make my own blueberry filling too and love it! Hey Nancy, I’ve not tried it myself, but many people actually prefer to use cool whip. I was really good and it disappeared fast! You’ll see it right above the nutrition facts box. The easiest ever no bake blueberry cheesecake is the only blueberry cheesecake you will ever need. This comment means the world to me. Back in the 60’s we called it a different name but everyone in my family had bad sugar so any amount you could cut was good. / So instead, we get creative with all sorts of no-bake … No bake desserts during the crazy hot summer months are my jam. Growing up, my mom always made what she called a Cherry Crunch; it was my dad's favorite dessert. You can connect with us on our Instagram and Facebook account or on Pinterest. You can definitely make this recipe ahead of time, freeze it, and thaw it when you need it. How many days I’m advance can I make this before serving? Pecan Sandies crust – Make it like you would a graham cracker crust. Welcome! I’m Mel Lockcuff, the creator and writer behind Adventures of Mel and Flour on My Fingers. Jody, thank you for this! This amazing no bake blueberry pie is a simple and delicious dessert! Before my parents retired and moved my mother was recognized in a Mississippi Cookbook showcasing her recipe. This is as quick and easy as cheesecake recipes get. People having trouble saving it all-there’s a program called Print Friendly, that will make a pdf file for you. I think I’ll follow your mom’s lead & use cherry pie filling with this….or maybe strawberry!!! This blueberry cheesecake is completely no-bake, from its graham crust to the sweet berry topping. Whip up a dreamy no bake blueberry dessert, aka blueberry yum yum, with cream cheese, Dream Whip, blueberry pie filling, and a pecan crust.