A grocery store cashier from Arkansas tells InStyle what it's like to be working in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak — including her biggest fears and how you can help. ), saying something about ” need other things from that department”, and let me tell you, I tattled on them. When a cashier rings up a customer's 50 items, and they stand there without filling the cheque in during that time, and now the cashier will have to wait along with the 12 other people in line whilst that customer asks the cashier what the name of the store is, the amount, the address, and every other details. And the funny part is, I used to suck at my cashier job, and now I'm so good at it, they moved me up to do office work :) Here's some advice for all the hard stuff you'll have to do. You need to call her manager. Counting back isn't to hard. May 17, 2016 - Explore Kelsey Iachetta's board "Cashier problems", followed by 210 people on Pinterest. Tell them hello, and after transaction thank you and have a good day. 5. See more ideas about cashier problems, work humor, retail humor. Story time: an older man once called me “a bad cashier” in front of a long line of customers because the woman in front of him had a container of strawberries that included one moldy berry. So I just got hired at Target, as a cashier for now..going to move to clothes and electronics soon, hopefully. I felt bad for the guy. Anyways, I know it was only my first day, but I had a bad day with being a cashier. Cashier’s checks have a reputation for being safe, and that’s what makes them perfect for scams. Cashiers absolutely should not be commenting on the contents of customers’ carts. Cashier’s checks tend to have a fee attached. Please tell me how it’s my fault that the produce department put out a container of bad berries? One common cashier’s check scam involves someone overpaying for an online purchase — so if you receive a cashier’s check for more than the purchase price, don’t accept it. I’m only a cashier, I just do what I’m told to do. ... I’m just a cashier. Small talk is helpful for you and everyone needs a break in the workday. He was my age, around twenty-two, and he was just trying to get paid, like the rest of us. For example, a buyer based outside the U.S. sends a cashier’s check seemingly from a U.S.-based bank and asks you to refund the overage separately. cashier problems@ProCashier Follow. I’ve had cashiers look at my pregnancy tests and smirk (why, yes, I do buy them when my kids are with me! If they start talking to you that's good. C'mon, customers. By familiarizing yourself with the most common red flags, you can significantly reduce the … While some banks may offer cashier’s checks for free, that benefit may only be available if you have a premium checking account.   Whether you’re selling something online or in-person, cashier’s checks deserve extra attention. I pulled out my phone and dialed 911. “911, what's your emergency?” “I’m a cashier at the Kwik-E Mart. It’s bad for business. When a customer wants to chit chat and there's a line of customers I'm like.. 7:05 PM - 22 Jul 14 Reply … Talk to your customers.