Prune for bushy... Avery hardy bird attracting grevillea suitable to most soils and situations. Grown mainly for the attractive... Beautiful purple pea flowering climber. are fire retardant plants? Compact shrub with orange-pink-cream flowers appearing in winter/spring/summer... Ornamental, large shrub 8-10'x 8-10' for full sun or partial shade. Easy Perennials for Dry Soil All parts covered with soft down. Beautiful as well as practical, thyme thrives in well-drained soil, positioned in full sun or partial shade. Handsome dense clumping perennial with strappy blue green leaves and compact... Beautiful clumping plant for most soils and situations. Will tolerate frost... Ornamental weeping small tree 8-12' with a graceful habit. rubiginosa 'Seascape', Prostanthera linearis syn Westringia purpurea, Scarlet Gum Eucalyptus; Gnaingar or Ngainggar, Sweet Pittosporum, Mock Orange, Victoria Box. Alkaline soils are reasonably common in Australia, particularly in the arid zones. Medium shrub with creamy-white to pink flowers. Dry soil? Agapanthus species are hardy plants, and are easily grown. and © 2007-2020 Australian Native Plants - all rights reserved - 800.701.6517. Sheep sorrel grows in acidic soil that is low in nitrogen. The structure will only yield lumps of mud (when wet) or turn into a mass of dust (when too dry). From $2.95 Once established these plants can almost be forgotten about as they store water in their thick foliage, using their long roots to absorb more when necessary. A very hardy rainforest tree with very large, shady, glossy leaves which are partly or fully dropped off the tree prior to flowering before Christmas. Planning a dry garden. and some Yarrow is found on poor, dry, sandy soil where little else will grow. Handsome spreading shrub with dark green leaves and white under-surface. Handsome rounded shrub from eastern Tasmania. Description: Select from the list of the most requested plant categories. Hardiness can vary between species, though most can survive without water for long periods of time. This striking hardy species, also known as African lily, originates from Southern Africa and is easy to grow even in poor soil conditions. Find the best drought-tolerant plants that thrive in dry soil at HGTV Gardens. In dry conditions, these slippery soils can dry as hard as concrete. Suitable for... A hardy small tree from the desert areas in Australia. Though it can be an invasive species in some habitats, particular on the coast, many of the new hybrids are safe to grow in most areas. Their tufts of spiky red, bronze, pink or green leaves will keep the garden looking lush throughout the year. Here is a selection of such perennials that are easy to grow. While the most common flower colour for this plant is a light purple or “lavender” colour, there are other variations available, including those with pink, blue or white blooms. Handsome clumping perennial that is very hardy to most soils and conditions.... Beautiful clumping perennial similar to Lomandra 'Breeze' but with a blue-green... Mat Rush. Attractive shrub with lime green scented leaves and pink flowers in spring. Medium shrub 6-9' x 4-6' with attractive pincushion cream and pink flowers... Small shrub 5-8' with ornamental fruit, cream flowers in fall-winter, sweetly... Beautiful, showy, large, prickly shrub in full flower. Very hardy tall shrub or small tree for well-drained soils. This perfumed shrub does not tolerate frost, so ensure it suits the climate where you are before planting. Australian native plants can feature very well in gardens with sandy soils, with many of the very iconic natives preferring sandy soils. It is especially tolerant of drought thanks to its large water-storing roots. Trending HGTV Dream Home 2021. Attractive, dainty low shrub 3'x3' with yellow flowers. It can also be grown in pots, ideal for balcony gardens. This includes many of the Banksias and Grevilleas, Eremophilas, Kangaroo Paws, Westringias, Correas, Waratahs, Flannel Flowers and Callistemons. 2021 Color Trends. There are all undemanding and drought tolerant. If that sounds like your backyard and you’re wondering what to do, don’t worry, quite a few plants actually thrive in those conditions. Who knew this fragrant herb is also well suited to growing in dry gardens! Winter-Friendly Plants. Handsome erect shrub approximately 9'. White,... Ornamental small tree 12'-20' with bright red cap and yellow flowers appearing... Fast growing large tree. Attractive, long flowering shrub 4-6'. These evergreen plants are beautiful yet self-sufficient once established. A tough native shrub found mainly in Eastern Australia, this is a valuable plant to have in the garden, particularly when in bloom as their delicate bell-like flowers are rich in nectar, attracting honey-eating birds.